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What you Need to Remember before you Board that Plane

Every plane passenger from all over the world goes through airport security checkpoints. That's why it is important to know certain tips about air travel, especially at the airport. These checkpoints are operated by Transportation Security Officers from the Transportation Security Administration. Checkpoints are there to make sure that terrorists can't bring anything aboard the plane that would enable them to take it or destroy it. Passenger's baggage and accessories are also screened at security Portable metal detector.

Clothing, jewelries or other accessories that contain metal when travelling through security checkpoints are to be inspected. This also includes:

? Heavy jewelry like pins, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, earrings, body piercings, cuff links, lanyards or bolo ties. Place heavy jewelries and other metal items in your dairy-on baggage or in plastics if they are offered, until you clear security.

? Metal hair barrettes or other decoration

? Belt buckle, under-wire bras.

? Pack all your coats and jackets in your baggage when possible. All coats and jackets must go through the x-ray machine for inspection. These include trench coats, heavy winter coats, suit jackets, sport coasts and blazers. If you choose to wear an outer coat or jacket to the checkpoint, you will need to either place it in your carry-on or put it in the bin that is provided for you. More on Hand metal scanner.

Metal items such as keys, loose change, mobile phones, pagers, and personal data assistants (PDA) should be out of your pocket.

Other things to remember before boarding the plane:

? The ban on liquids, aerosols and gels are implemented.

The TSA will enhance security measures through out the airport environment-more random screening of employees, additional canine patrols, stronger air cargo security measures, more rigorous identity verification, deploying more trained security officers in bomb appraisal, and screening by observation techniques.

? Limit quantities to what is needed for the duration of the flight. Items purchased in the secure area are for the use on the immediate flight. If you must leave the secure boarding area and re-enter through screening checkpoint, items exceeding 3 ounces that are not in zip-top bag will again be restricted.

? Call for help if you've missed a connection and don't stand in line to rebook with a gate agent. Instead, use your cell phone to call the airline's customer-service number. You may speak to someone faster, giving you a better at a seat on the next flight. More on security apparatus.

? On the plane, bring a car seat for your child. They help kids stay calmer, since they're used to being in them.

? Corral your in-flight necessities. Blocking the aisle during boarding while you dig certain snacks to eat can delay the entire plane.

These air travel tips are just a few to consider before boarding the plane. There are a lot more you need should know.

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sustainable development and energy security

Sustainable Development in the words of Brundtland report is "the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations

To meet their own needs ".

In this context nuclear energy as a future energy source has occupied centre stage of

India's concern. The characteristics of nuclear energy, it's economic, environmental

and social impact and its link to sustainable development have come under the  Narcotics detection of economic and political debate in the recent times.

This paper entitled "Sustainable Development and Energy Security" attempts to explore the prospects of adopting nuclear energy as a future energy source to meet the India's

growing energy needs. Nuclear energy, though requires large capital investment in form of nuclear power plants, is seen as an alternative to fossil fuels. Use of nuclear energy not only meets the growing energy demands, but also minimizes the environment and social burdens.

Nuclear energy does not have environmental effects on global warming, green house effect, climate change and pollution. Hence the central goal of sustainable development i.e.maintainence and development of natural, human and social assets will have been met by use of nuclear energy.

This paper analyses the following aspects:

Various forms and sources of energy.

The role of energy in economic development.

The problems of developing countries vis-à-vis energy security.

Nuclear power and its importance in the light of power shortage in India in the context of sustainable development.



. Keywords: sustainable development, energy security, nuclear energy,


1) Introduction

India's energy resources are mostly available in convenient form. India has a

Significant reserves of coal, its electricity generation is also significant

Today more than 70% of power generation is through burning of coal.

We have 221 billion tones of coal reserves .India has a large hydro potential and only a part of this potential has been exploited .as per department of atomic energy of India ,India as also good uranium deposits supporting growth of "Nuclear Energy". India is growing giant facing the critical challenge of meeting a rapidly increasing demand for energy .

India ranks 6th in the world in terms of energy demand and our economy is projected to grow 7% to 8% in next two decades .the international energy agency projects indias dependence on oil imports will be more at 91.6% by the year 2020 and India is relatively poor in the oil and gas resources . Even though there are several problems associated with energy in India from 1951 to 2005, it has produced coal 12 times greater then what was available in 1951 crude oil production increased 110 times. And the electricity installed capacity had a growth by over 68 times.

India has to meet two big challenges for a sustainable development .firstly it should meet the increasing demand for energy resources in the country .secondly it should avoid all environmental hazards and its should ensure an energy security by conservation of energy so that the future generation can also meet their wants for energy resources with available stock .this can lead to long term economic development which indicates the "Sustainable Economic Development" on which our attention is much more needed.


The concept of sustainable development was elaborated in the late 1980.

The tern sustainable development was brought into common use by the world commission on Environment and Development in its seminar report called

"Our common Future". Brundtland Commission defines sustainable development as "Development that needs the needs of the present generation without comprising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs.

We can understand that use of the concept "Needs" in the definition is linked with the distribution of resources through three components of man made capitals, human capital and natural capital & it aims to achieve sustainable development through integration of three dimensions in a balanced way. More on X-ray security detector.

According to Professor Barthwal of ‘Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur' has highlighted some important indicators of sustainable development there are as follows:

1) GDP growth rate.

2) Population Stability.

3) Human Resources Development Index.

4) Clean Air index.

5) Energy intensity.

6) Renewable energy proportion.

7) Material intensity.

8) Water use.

9) Soil degradation.

10) Forest coverage.

11) Re-cycling proportions.

12) Transport intensity.

These indicators show the changing trends of an economy towards Sustainable Development. Let us discuss this concept from the point of view

Of Energy Security and adopting Nuclear Energy as a future Energy Source which is the latest Debate in our country.


Energy has several forms which is useful to all human beings:

Mechanical Energy: Like kinetic and potential position against resistance.

Heat Energy: Can cause gases to expand, can melt the metals and convert water into steam.

Radiant Energy: Include light, radio, X-Rays, Laser etc.

Electro-magnetic Energy: Flow of electrons producing an electric current.

Chemical Energy: Stored in molecules of Food or in fossil fuels such as coal and oil.

Nuclear Energy: The force that combines the atomic nucleus together it is obtained through Fusion and Fission.

These energy are inter-convertible but it incurs a economical expenses which may not be profitable also Ex: Electrical Energy into light or heat Energy.


Energy Sources refers to the sources from which energy is obtained to provide heat, light and power.

Renewable and digital walkthrough metal detector  sources:

Non-Renewable Energy sources are those which are lost in one operation the called depletable or exhaustible sources of energy their availability s always fixed and they are always at a declining stage Ex: Fossil fuel.

Renewable or In exhaustible energy sources are those which are perennial in nature they are regarded as flows rather than as stocks their total supply cannot be more than the available flow and the flow is perennial.

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