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What you Need to Remember before you Board that Plane

Every plane passenger from all over the world goes through airport security checkpoints. That's why it is important to know certain tips about air travel, especially at the airport. These checkpoints are operated by Transportation Security Officers from the Transportation Security Administration. Checkpoints are there to make sure that terrorists can't bring anything aboard the plane that would enable them to take it or destroy it. Passenger's baggage and accessories are also screened at security Portable metal detector.

Clothing, jewelries or other accessories that contain metal when travelling through security checkpoints are to be inspected. This also includes:

? Heavy jewelry like pins, necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, earrings, body piercings, cuff links, lanyards or bolo ties. Place heavy jewelries and other metal items in your dairy-on baggage or in plastics if they are offered, until you clear security.

? Metal hair barrettes or other decoration

? Belt buckle, under-wire bras.

? Pack all your coats and jackets in your baggage when possible. All coats and jackets must go through the x-ray machine for inspection. These include trench coats, heavy winter coats, suit jackets, sport coasts and blazers. If you choose to wear an outer coat or jacket to the checkpoint, you will need to either place it in your carry-on or put it in the bin that is provided for you. More on Hand metal scanner.

Metal items such as keys, loose change, mobile phones, pagers, and personal data assistants (PDA) should be out of your pocket.

Other things to remember before boarding the plane:

? The ban on liquids, aerosols and gels are implemented.

The TSA will enhance security measures through out the airport environment-more random screening of employees, additional canine patrols, stronger air cargo security measures, more rigorous identity verification, deploying more trained security officers in bomb appraisal, and screening by observation techniques.

? Limit quantities to what is needed for the duration of the flight. Items purchased in the secure area are for the use on the immediate flight. If you must leave the secure boarding area and re-enter through screening checkpoint, items exceeding 3 ounces that are not in zip-top bag will again be restricted.

? Call for help if you've missed a connection and don't stand in line to rebook with a gate agent. Instead, use your cell phone to call the airline's customer-service number. You may speak to someone faster, giving you a better at a seat on the next flight. More on security apparatus.

? On the plane, bring a car seat for your child. They help kids stay calmer, since they're used to being in them.

? Corral your in-flight necessities. Blocking the aisle during boarding while you dig certain snacks to eat can delay the entire plane.

These air travel tips are just a few to consider before boarding the plane. There are a lot more you need should know.

See more about x-ray screening system at:

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